The More the Merrier! 

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

With every partnership comes a new opportunity to transform Burundi. Our organization is committed to impacting Burundi's landscape and we ask you to join with us in this mission. Together we can effect profound change in this country.

Why Partner with Us?

Africa is going through what sociologists describe as a “youth bulge”, meaning that the youth “now represent the majority of the population pyramid.” While this dynamic transition opens doors for new opportunities and challenges, donors and policymakers have largely neglected this important constituency at a perilous cost. Indeed, because of a gross shortage of viable alternatives, young people have fallen prey to almost all armed conflicts in the central region of Africa where tens of millions have died in wars and genocide over the last three decades. Similarly, marginalized youth have been victims of these conflicts—often incited and manipulated by the entrepreneurs of violence. The Tujenge Africa Foundation believes that prioritizing the youth is an indispensable step in securing a more prosperous future for the region. We will achieve this objective by providing high quality education to Burundi’s youth—regardless of ethnicity, class, gender/sexuality, religion, nationality, and physical disability.

Once completed, Tujenge Peace Academy will provide employment for nearly 50 people, including Burundians. Moreover, the school, once in full operation, will serve nearly 600 young scholars every year. Our focus on educating the next generation of leaders will have a massive, positive impact on the country. More important, the graduates of Tujenge Peace Academy will form a powerful network that will spearhead the social, political and economic transformation of Burundi. 

Past and Present Partners

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