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Our vision at the Tujenge Africa Foundation is an African continent where nation- and peace-building efforts, especially in post-conflict states, champion quality, affordable education — as well as training in leadership, entrepreneurship, and peace-building — for all youth. 


Through its diverse portfolio of initiatives, Tujenge Africa Foundation strives to create thriving educational centers of thought and inspiration to transform youth in post-conflict regions into innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs, and peace agents in their communities. 

We seek to create empathetic institutions that truly understand the plight of the impoverished, as well as anyone who might experience discrimination or marginalization based on ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, religion or creed, and area of residence. 

Tujenge Scholars Program

The Tujenge Scholars Program (TSP) is the flagship initiative of the Tujenge Africa Foundation. The first one-year, post-secondary preparatory program of its kind in Burundi, TSP's intensive curriculum is designed to embolden the next generation of leaders with the connections and skills to advance the nation. Using the humanities as a tool for national reconciliation, and teaching fundamentals such as English and STEM, the Program has become an essential launching point for positive change-makers in East Africa. Dedicated staff provide individualized counseling to each Scholar as they plan for university study and beyond.

Tujenge Testimonials

  • “Tujenge Scholars Program gave me an opportunity that I would have never gotten. It gave me a chance to strengthen diverse parts of my personality I did not value before. The TAF staff emphasis on [...] leadership encouraged me to serve my community.”

    Tujenge Scholar ’17
  • “TAF allowed me to cultivate my skills and also gain new ones. It broke barriers in my thinking and helped me access local and foreign platforms.”

    Tujenge Scholar ’17
  • “[Co-founders Wendell Adjetey and Etienne Mashuli] represent the future of what’s possible for youth on the African continent. The Tujenge Africa Foundation can make a material difference in the country over time: access to education is a critical element to rebuilding the nation. Wendell and Etienne’s stories are riveting, their passion, palpable… and they have made significant progress from establishing a vision, to breaking ground, to fostering critical relationships with leaders in Burundi and beyond. Theirs is an incredible story—and their story can be the story of many more youth in this embattled region. If anyone can ignite the passion of a dream of a better life, a better future, a better continent, these are the people to do it.”

    Stephen Peel
    Philanthropist / Private Equity Pioneer

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