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Buliding quality education for the future of Africa

Our Projects






Our flagship school will give access and opportunity to young people who would never dream of attending such a school. We will cultivate an academic tradition of excellence that is deeply rooted in empathy, humility, humanity, sacrifice, service, and nation-building.  

We create empathetic institutions that truly understand the plight of impoverished people, as well as anyone who might experience discrimination or marginalization based on ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, and area of residence






Our public libraries will focus on promoting literacy in general and early childhood education in particular by creating programing that target mothers, grandmothers and other guardians, and women of child-bearing age. 

Tujenge Testimonials

  • “These inspiring men represent the future of what’s possible for youth on the African continent. The Tujenge Africa Foundation can make a material difference in the country over time: access to education is a critical element to rebuilding the nation. Wendell and Etienne’s stories are riveting, their passion, palpable… and they have made significant progress from establishing a vision, to breaking ground, to fostering critical relationships with leaders in Burundi and beyond. Theirs is an incredible story—and their story can be the story of many more youth in this embattled region. If anyone can ignite the passion of a dream of a better life, a better future, a better continent, these are the people to do it.”

    Stephen Peel
    Philanthropist / Investor

Avenue des Etats Unis
No 9, Kigobe
Bujumbura, Burundi